Hi, I'm Rishikanth. I'm a 2nd year PhD student in Computer Science at UC San Diego. Prior to joining UCSD, I did my Masters in Computer Engineering at Columbia University. I like to code and I drink way too much coffee . I mostly spend my time on research or building things.

I surprisingly have hobbies outside of research. I like to read, travel and cook. I used to play tennis and a few other sports before grad school happened. I am currently learning to play the ukulele. I am almost always listening to music. This website is an attempt to share my thoughts and my work as I work through my PhD. You can check what I read at . If you're interested in the stuff that I build, you can find a few of my projects at . You can find my resume here.

My research interests are in cyber-physical systems, Machine Learning, Internet of Things. I focus on how to apply these technologies to improve user experience and assist them. You can find a list of my publications at . I'm mostly always trying to learn new tech. Currently I'm learning Deep Neural Networks, for the research project I'm working on.

If you like my content and would like to get in touch with me, feel free to drop me an email.